Friday, August 20, 2010

Open Mic

Okay, I'm home and I'm feeling a bit bad. Here I go on and on about my husband, and basically I have a captive audience. So I decided to turn the tables. I know many of you and think that you all have wonderful husbands, just like me. So I am giving you all an open mic to tell us about your husband. Tell us what you like about him and why he's a keeper!

How's that for a short entry?



You're on...


  1. Tim! I’ve always loved his smile…He is warm and friendly, meets people easily. He’s an incurable romantic. He tells me often that he loves me. He loves to surprise me with flowers and cards. I always get two cards, a funny one and a serious one. He’s smart, very quick to forgive (me)… He makes me laugh. He reads his Bible while he is eating breakfast and I love it when he gets all excited and tells me what has struck him about the passage he is in. (He is seeing the truth about the Lord’s return, EVERYWHERE, now.) He’s so good with Daisy and Daniel and is looking forward to his second grandson. Just the other day he said, “We need to go to Walmart.” He bought Annie a belated birthday present for her garden, out of the blue. He’s quick to turn things over to the Lord in prayer…often grabs my hand and says, “Let’s pray about this…” I could go on and on but I better leave room for others…Yep, he’s a keeper!

  2. One more - with him, I always feel safe! ;)

  3. There's a story behind that "safe" comment - I'd love to tell you but then I'd have to kill you...

    Thanks, Kathy!

    Who's next?

  4. Lee...that's easy...he cooks nearly every meal! And then insists on cleaning up the kitchen afterwards! Not many wives get to be thankful for that. He's very thoughtful and a true romantic. He has a great sense of humor and style (and tends to keep me from looking like a dork when I go out in public). ;) He loves the Lord and is one of the most forgiving people I know and He is one incredible father...
    I thank the Lord daily for him and he is totally a keeper!

  5. Ok, Its got to be Ray.... He's got this quiet strength that dominates his entire demeaner. He cooks great meals and has a romantic side that never quits, I get flowers often for nothing. He loves my children and his equally,(we have a blended family). He's grounded in the Lord and has great discernment, reads his Bible daily and is open about his faith. Has unending energy and works hard even tho he's retired. Has a shy side but once he knows you is very open. He tells me daily how much he loves me and I for one feel blessed to have him for my husband and thank the Lord for him daily.

  6. Ohhh, I'm really loving this! Keep them comin', gals!

  7. Lance is gentle and kind and long-suffering. He always sees the positive in life (especially good when I am seing the glass half-empty)and is gracious to everyone (even when we don't deserve it.) He takes the command to "love your wife as Christ loved the church, laying down His life for her" very seriously and I'm so blessed to be the beneficiary :o) I only wish everyone could have what I've got -- divorce simply wouldn't exist! I'm so blessed to be married to my best friend, to have no secrets, to laugh, live, and love together.

  8. My Husband is passionate for Jesus and that is very attractive to me!
    He is a gentle leader and long suffering full of patients.
    He has shown me the love of God and because of that it has allowed me to heal from many fears.
    Because of his long suffering and not giving up on me it has allowed God to work to teach me how to respect my husband,trust and submit to him.
    Gods ways are right and true and I leap for joy at the mercies of God and my husband.

  9. Bless his heart, Abigail...what a precious gift from God...