Sunday, August 29, 2010

Are You a Facebook Christian?

I haven't joined the facebook world yet...well, at least not personally. My husband has an account, and I can go on his and snoop around. My daughters say I'm a facebook creeper. But I haven't committed to the full time, making friends or denying them, telling the world that I am ready to start my laundry kind of facebook commitment.

But I have learned a few things about facebook.

1. It seems the more friends you have, the more reason you have to live
2. People from your past quickly become friends again, opening a door to their lives through facebook messages and writing on each other's walls
3. Even friends of friends become friendly because facebook is such a friendly place
4. People like to post their health a lot
5. For all the friendships that abound, facebook is a pretty non-committal place

Let me explain that last one. There is a certain happy, so-excited-to-hear-from-you response that comes from finding long, lost friends that I am not sure would hold water if you were face to face. Conversations are much easier on facebook than face to face. You can even dislike someone and still be friendly on facebook. But when you see them face to face, is that friendship truly there? Is there any depth?

Maybe it's just computers in general, but I think that relationships that hide behind screens are pretty superficial. Not that there can't be real communication going on, but the deep relationships need face time. We all know it's easier to send an email than it is to call, right?

Last night, I was thinking about when I will see Jesus face to face. I have a pretty intimate relationship with Him and have had one for years. There is a familiarity in my conversation with Him because He knows my every thought, my every mood, action and word.

But I was wondering, when I see Him face to face, will there be an awkwardness? Will there be this facebook kind of friendship that was very close as long as I was the one doing all the talking? Or is my relationship with Him already based on something deeper?

On facebook, I often see people posting their actions and their thoughts. Hit and run style. Is that what I do with the Lord? When I pray, am I just editing my profile with God?

I think that true depth comes from time spent together. Filling my mind and my heart with His word, memorizing scripture, deep, intimate times of prayer - these are the things that will grow my walk with Christ - not the status changing, one-liners that come after a long day of busy-ness.

Now, I'm not really that down on facebook - believe it or not, I'm warming up to the benefits of connecting through it. Not warm enough to open my own account and join the 21st century, but not so judgmental that I rant and rave when my kids post their status online more than they talk to me. It's just how they communicate and I do have Dave's password.

I just want to make sure that my life has a deeper way of communicating and growing with Christ than what technology provides. I will see Him face to face someday, and I don't want any awkwardness at all.

I want faith to become sight.


  1. hi...i have found many of my high school friend's on facebook, but it's not really a personal day to day relationship. just like's not really a person to person chat. i still like the good old fashion telephone. it's nice to hear a voice.

  2. Why is it that we can have 300 plus "friends" on FB and yet feel so isolated and alone at times?

  3. Because the word "friend" has changed. But remember, a good test of friendship is that a true friend loves at all times (Proverbs 17:17)...

  4. I would add forgiving as well.
    I think you need to be quick to forgive your friends when they let you down and don't be the kind of friend that gets offended easily and learn to give a lot of grace to others.
    Usually people/friends do not mean to hurt you so its best just to be easy going and remeber that Love covers over a lot.

  5. I would totally agree with your assessment of facebook, Kristen, but I'd also say that, in general, people these days don't want to go below just "surface level" relationships. I've found it rather difficult to build real friendships with people because it seems that when you ask questions, or (especially) confess sin and seek accountability or prayer, people really aren't interested in that level of commitment -- where you love at all times and are there to listen, pray, laugh, give advice, and ask the hard questions. Frankly, I think TRUE friends are few and rather far between and those who have them should hold them close and consider themselves truly blessed by God.

  6. I agree Mrs. Machiela!!! I can only give you a couple of people in my life that are like that. We have a great face-to-face relationship, and a great Facebook relationship!! I would have to say that those friends are some of the greatest gifts from God!!!