Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September Love

For everything there is a season, 
and a time for everything under heaven...
Ecclesiastes 3:1

How much do we love September?  Why do you think that is?

I think it's for several reasons:
  • Kids go back to school (this can be the cause for rejoicing or tears, but either way, it means a full day to get the house clean, laundry done, groceries bought, closets organized, bills paid, grass mowed, garden weeded, pets vetted, hair done, car washed, Christmas shopping done - yes, I went there - or a thousand other errands with uninterupted focus) 
  • Orange is back...(just in general, isn't orange great?)
  • ...and so are pumpkin lattes - if you're into that sort of thing, I hear they're the bomb.  But even if you're not a coffee drinker, pumpkin recipes are the best when the air gets crisp
  • Speaking of crisp, Honey Crisp Apples are back, too!
  • Fall sign-ups at church are in full swing - bible studies, conferences, men's meetings, small groups - you just walk into the foyer and the whole world is calling you to write your name on the sign-up sheet
September is a new start, a new opportunity to get back on top of things and spiritually, it's a new season to delve into the Word and grow.  No wonder everyone is so fired up in September.  The problem is that the energy of September flows into October but starts to wane in November.  There is a second wind that kicks into gear in December, probably because of all those Christmas cookies sitting around but then January hits.  Then February.  By March you basically say to yourself, "I'll commit to Bible study next September.  I'm just worn out and need some sunshine for the time being."

This is the pattern of the year, and friends, it's time to break the pattern.  I love September because I love routine.  Yes, the fun of summer is great - late night walks under the bright stars with a warm breeze on your face and an ice cream cone in your hand is all good, but faithful routines are what wins the race in the long run.  And we're in a race that needs a good steady pace, including your spiritual growth.

So, let's not jump in with both feet, knowing that you historically haven't finished well.  Let's actually commit and follow through.  There's nothing that feels better than a finished commitment.  Sign up for small group, do the homework, pray for the members, make your pan brownies and be transparent...for the WHOLE year.  Jump into the ladies study at church and when the urge to sleep in or watch online, hose it off in the shower, put on some clean clothes and get to study.  Attend a conference or two and actually put into practice what you have learned.  Be faithful in your service at church and on the Sundays you don't serve, show up early, have a doughnut and make a new friend.  Invite people to have lunch with you after church and tell them what the Lord is doing in your life - not just in September but all the way through to June.  

Then when the kids are back home again, spend the summer longing for September when it starts all over again.  Yes, there is a season and a time for everything.  Let's make September, 2016, the time when we committed to growth and then put in the effort necessary to experience said growth!

You are loved!

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