Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Notes for Lesson Three

Lesson 3 – Fall

Genesis 3

I. A closer look at Marriage

· Woman was created as a ____SUITABLE________ helper – Gen. 2:18

· Woman was ____NOT____ an after thought

· Ephesians 5:22,28,29 – lays out basic marriage instructions

o Husbands ______LOVE___ your wives

o Wives _______SUBMIT_____ to your husbands

· The Perfect Marriage Diagram:




II. Enter Satan – Isaiah 14:12-15; Ezekiel 28:11-19

· He is a _____CREATED________ being

· When did Satan fall? Genesis 1:31-2:1

· Rev. 12:4,9 infers that _____1/3_____of the angels fell with Satan

III. Enter Sin – Genesis 3

· How did Satan approach Eve?

· Why did Satan approach Eve?

· What was the big deal about that tree?

· What was Satan’s bend on the truth?

1. God _____LIED____

2. You can be ____GOD_____

3. You can be the ___LEADER______

· I John 2:16 lays out the components of temptation:

1. Tree was good for food – lust of the ____FLESH_____

2. Tree was pleasant to the eyes – lust of the _____EYES______

3. Tree was able to make her wise – pride of ____LIFE______

· Faith definition: Faith is ______BELIEVING_____ the Word of God and __ACTING____ on it, no matter how I _____FEEL___, because God promises a good ___RESULT______

· Adam and Eve had perfect, sinless communion with God – Genesis 3:8-19

o What did sin do to this fellowship? _BROKE IT___ - Genesis 3:7,8

o What is the result of sin? ___DEATH__ - Romans 5:12; 6:3

o What does sin do to man’s heart? __MAKES IT WICKED____ - Jeremiah 17:9

o Who does sin affect? ___EVERYONE____ - Romans 3:23, Isaiah 64:6

· What was the effect of sin on marriage and life in general?

· Sin broke man’s covenant with God, but God still provided for man – Gen.3:21

· The promise of a Savior – Genesis 3:15


3 accomplishments of sin:

1. _____GUILT____

2. ___CONDEMNATION________

3. _____SEPARATION_____

3 accomplishments of salvation in Christ (Romans 8:33-39)

1. No _____GUILT____

2. No ____CONDEMNATION_______

3. No ____SEPARATION_____

In Christ, we are completely restored!

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