Monday, August 15, 2011

Too Wonderful for Me

"You have enclosed me behind and before,
and laid Your hand upon me.
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me..."
Psalm 139:5

I can remember standing on the risers in high school, my choir director addressing the audience. I was a sophomore and was singing on choir tour. I attended a Christian school and choir tour was the big event of the year for choir members. It was typically a nine day tour and we would sing at least twice a day, moving our way across the country. We'd stay in the homes of the congregants that we'd perform for - back then it wasn't unusual for a choir to come in and sing on a Tuesday night. The church family would come and be blessed, and then bless us with dinner and a comfy bed. Then a school performance in the morning and back on the road.

Anyway, I can remember my choir director quoting from Psalm 139 in a short devotional he gave each concert. When he came to this verse..."You have enclosed me"...he would cup his hands in front of him, as if he were holding a at a time..."behind and before"...and then take his left hand and place it on top of his invisible ball..."and laid your hand on top of me" illustrate the all-encompassing love of our heavenly Father.

I couldn't find a google image for this, so I grabbed my hand models (Nico and Alex) and had them illustrate it above.

Can you see it?

Behind and before.

And laid Your hand on top of me.

What incredible protective love of our Father! Someone once told me that the difference between a father's love and the Father's love, is that the Father never sleeps.

Imagine that - being completely protected, completely encompassed, completely surrounded by the Father's hands. Unfortunately I think we live like the newborn who thinks they are in control, not realizing that our parents are literally keeping us alive because we are helpless without them.

May I encourage you to remember this truth? When you are struggling, when you are ill, when you are in despair - remember you are not alone. Yes, we have to bear the consequences of our sin, as well as the sins of others sometimes, but we never have to bear the punishment. (Thank you, Jesus!) So within the protective, loving sphere of God's hands, He lovingly causes all things to work together for our good.

And now since that truth has brightened your day, here's some icing on the cake:

This is Nor-face, as Aunt Katherine calls her...

...making this one Ash-face...

...aren't they getting big??? They love to play on their tummies, and they roll, roll, roll all over the place! So much fun. Ashley would rather stand than lay, but balance is not one of her strengths yet. Norah loves her veggies and both girls are taking from the spoon remarkably well. They continue to be the apple of their grandfather's eye - when they are around, he spends a lot of time on his tummy, too! It's too cute...

Enjoy the pictures and the up - I'll let you know when study is beginning again...


  1. "Great minds think alike"
    The more I explore the Bible and the more I discover about Christ the more excited I become when I continually find verses like this. Always a joy to see more pics of the girls :)
    Great minds think alike

  2. What a wonderful reminder to be encompassed by the hands of God. What else can we need???
    The girls are so beautiful, truly icing on the cake!!!

  3. That verse infuses me with faith and strength. Yes, the babies are getting big! Love those big blue eyes...look like their grandmas...