Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quick Pics

The girls were over on Saturday and I thought their shirts were darling! Can you see what they say? Onesie and Twosie - too cute!

Christopher, my son, had a few of his friends over for the weekend - the boys who were in the basketball video with him. They are holding the girls, thus the hairy arms on either side of the picture. Just thought you would be wondering...

And here's Ashley ready to go home. Norah's picture was a bit blurry, so I only posted this one, but they pretty much looked the same.

Love the hat.

Love the cheeks.

Love the girls!

Hope you're having a great Lord's Day!


  1. Glad you cleared that up, I was wondering about the hairy legs.
    They do make the cutest baby clothes these days.

  2. Cute, cute babies! Glad you are enjoying them. I had fun playing with my grandson today too.

  3. What adorable girls! Are they always that quiet????
    I will be going to church in the morning to work on those wonderful ark animals so that they will be able to enjoy them with their 2 grandmas!! I can see you now showing them all the animals! It is so cool!
    We have 2 grandsons and they were over and built a fort in the pine grove saturday with papa! What fun they are!! After building walls and putting in sky lites I asked them what was their favorite part of the fort. They said it was the table....which happened to be a cardboard box. How funny is that!