Friday, April 1, 2011

Almost Done...

Well, today ends a week long process, but the job is not quite finished. That's okay...the majority is done. Here are some pictures from the past two days. Here you see Kittye and Linda in the Daniel Room. There was a moment that I called out to them and asked if they were getting any painting done at all - you can see by the looks on their faces they were having too much fun! But they were and I didn't complain at all.

You can see in this picture that the background was already painted and the images were pencilled in before the women arrived. A few of us got the backgrounds and images done earlier in the week, so that yesterday and today would be mural painting. The women picked their own colors and got to work. We started at 9 a.m.

Here is Therese putting extra love in her mural. She painted in the preschool room, where she will be teaching once we're in the building. Her picture is the Zachaeus in the tree - so cute! Wait until you see it done...

Next you have Kathy, Julie and Jackie working on our Jesus mural. Not sure about those reading glasses, Jackie! But what a blessing to have Harvest West Olive women volunteer their time to help us with this project! Julie and Kathy also did the David and Goliath room and they were perfectionists through and through! Thanks, gals!

Here you have Cindy and Heidi painting the Abraham room, or as we have renamed it, The Biker Brian Anderson room. For those of you who know him, look ahead to the finished mural and you'll understand!

And yes, we did have some men come and help. Candice and Richard tackled the Joshua Room and giggled and laughed the whole time...not sure what was so funny in there, but we were glad they were there...

This was the Moses mural that Beth Lile and I worked on. I put this one first so that you can see what the murals looked like by the end of Thursday. They were completely colored in, but still needed to be outlined. The next picture shows the finished product with lines included - big difference, huh?

Moses Room

Daniel Room

David Room

Here are two of the three nursery rooms - the Noah's ark is in the corner of the far right room and in the far left and middle room, you have animals making their way to the ark, two by two! It is darling! Jen Machiela designed the rooms and did all the drawings. Crystal Miracle oversaw these three rooms for the past two days and it was HUGE job! By the end of today, all the animals have their background color. Now Jen and Crystal, with perhaps a bit more help, will go in and add detail. So nice!

You can see Beth and Crystal (in the shadows by the ark) hard at work in this picture...

And here, you can see the other man who came to help. This is my son-in-law, Austin, and he has a heart of gold, just like Richard Tease. To hang out with a bunch of women and two are too much!

Noah Room

Joshua Room

Abraham Room (a.k.a. Biker Brian Anderson Room)

Zachaeus Room

And finally, as you enter the children's area, this is the mural that will greet you. We called it our Jesus Mural.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your incredible help! We are so excited to have children running in the hallways, touching the paintings and imagining themselves in each story. Please pray for our children and our teachers. To have a child fully give their heart over the Christ at a young age is such a blessing and each week our workers have the opportunity to be the hands, voice and love of Jesus to these children.

A week from Monday the carpet goes in...we're getting closer...


  1. Oh My, that had to be a huge undertaking, but it looks fabulous. so sorry I couldn't be there to help~~~ working gets in the way sometimes....

  2. what a bunch of talented artists...the mural's look fab!

  3. They are delightful! Looks like you had a lot of fun! Cool glasses, Jackie... :)

  4. Kathy is absolutely right! They ore delightful -- or perhaps I should use my new favorite word "DARLING!" I can't wait to get in there and finish up the Noah's ark murals. I cannot believe how much got done in 2 short days. And am so grateful for the Harvest West Olive ladies who came in to help, too. Thank you everyone!

  5. So fun to see them all in a row like that! It's amazing how the black outlining makes them all come to life. I loved that I got to meet a few new people (shout out to some great high schoolers who came to help) and got to know a few others a little better as well.