Sunday, December 19, 2010

He went to...


We've all seen the commercials. Excited young woman flashes her ring finger at her best friend, who in turn, jumps up and down, squealing and hugging her newly engaged friend.

Have you shared excitement with a friend before? Perhaps it was an engagement or the announcement of a pregnancy. Or maybe you celebrated a new job or a new car. Sharing the joy of something exciting is great, but not quite as great as being the recipient of the good news. Imagine if it were your engagement or your pregnancy - the level of joy would be much greater. It would fill your thoughts and conversations - it would become a focal point of your life.

This morning at church, Dave made an interesting point about the joy of the angels as they announced the good news to the shepherds. Their joy and excitement was overwhelming as they praised and glorified God.

And they weren't even the recipients of the good news.

He said that not one angel was offered salvation from sin. Not one angel found their redemption in the blood of Jesus Christ nor did even one angel benefit from Jesus becoming a man.

And yet they rejoiced with a passion and fervor that brought the shepherds to their knees.

So what should our response to Jesus be? Are we the friend who rejoices in the good news and then goes on with their life, or are we the actual recipients of the good news?

Where is our joy as believers? Why do we let life overwhelm us? Have we so quickly forgotten the good news?

We are the recipients of the gospel. That tiny baby was given to us. The angels rejoicing should be a fraction of our rejoicing, since we are the receivers of the good news and not just bystanders.

And just like a newly engaged couple or a newly expectant couple, let's make this good news the focal point of our lives - let's talk about it, let's dream about it and let's long for its realization. Let's not wait for faith to become sight so that we can say, "Oh, now I get it."

May our praise be lifted high by living lives of gratitude and passion for the One who came two thousand years ago and gave us the gift of life. And may we not be outdone by the angels, but rather respond to this gift in a manner that brings glory to our heavenly Father.


  1. Yea!! Nothing more to say, this post says it all

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