Monday, November 15, 2010

World's Worst Christmas Gifts...

Five and a half weeks to go until Christmas Day. (What? Thanksgiving is only how many days away?)

Hold on...I'm catching my breath because when I see it in writing, my heart races.

My blog readers have become a valuable source of not only encouragement to me, but also a source of information and help. So here's the deal - as I get serious about Christmas shopping, instead of asking for suggestions or what is on your list this season, I am asking for the worst gift you've received in the past.

You know, the ones I should avoid (like nose hair clippers - very practical, not very romantic).

I did see the Obama Chia Pet and was thinking that my ladies study might get a kick out of that...but then again, maybe not. (After slicing my thumb open on the Pampered Chef apple slicer, I don't think I'm giving those away either - it was like playing with a razor...)

So, help me out here. What's the worst gift you've received or even given? (A weighted doctor's scale sends a specific message, don't you think?) What gifts initially look like a great idea but turn out pretty bad? (I never could get the Leap Frog reader hooked up to the computer for my children...)

Thanks, in advance...


  1. I'm not sure what you've written about, but hey, nice template. :>)

  2. i love fruitcake by the way. people always make fun of it and i don't know why. i saw the obama chia pet. i thought that was funny. well, the worst gift that i received..this is no joke and it came from my mother. i got a feather duster. first of all i do clean my house every week. i thought maybe she had lost it. she haden't....not sure what that was all about.

  3. i know...wish blog's had spell check. should have said..hadn't....

  4. I don't know if I've ever tasted fruit just looks gross, and I love cherries! Hmmm...a duster and lead pipe - Tim, you romantic! Pretty bad...

  5. I should probably clarify why he gave me the was so he could install my new dryer. We do laugh about it, now...(That was like 28 years ago, now it's roses and romantic stuff like that...)

    Kim, Tim loves fruit cake...Kristen, it looks gross because it tastes gross, but of course that is my opinion.

  6. A plate of absolutely tempting fudge in varied flavors, including maple walnut...which I had to get rid of (gave it to a neighbor) because of Abigail's tree nut allergy (severe anaphylactic reactions). The worst is...I love maple walnut fudge!

  7. Missed you this morning Laurie...are you local or still out of town???

  8. How funny...I love reading all the responses.
    I can't say I remember getting a Christmas gift I hated, (though a nightgown my husband's mom picked out probably ranks right up there -- can you say "granny?") but predictability is no fun! We were just talking about it the other day, in fact, 'cause my husband's family is very much into getting the wish list and buying everything on the list. I guess I prefer more creativity. I like to give (and get) things that require a little thought and time. Personally, I think the lead pipe is creative and hilarious!!! Certainly a gift that will never be forgotten :o)
    And, incidentally, I LOVE fruitcake, though the one you have pictures looks particularly NASTY. And Kathy, if you'd ever tasted my Mom's fruitcake, you just might change your mind :o)

  9. My husband corrected was steel pipe...not lead pipe...

    Sorry Jen, I doubt I will EVER like fruit cake...those mushy, soft little pieces of fruit, just aren't going into this mouth!