Thursday, November 11, 2010


You know that verse in James that says you should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger? Apparently I've added to that verse "slow to learn." I'm not sure at what point in my life I added that phrase, but I've lived by it for a long time. Now that I realize that phrase is not really in the verse, it's taking me a while to change my ways.

Case in point - I am so slow to learn anything that is computer oriented! The latest epiphany that I had, which I am finding that everyone and their brother has known about for years but I'm just that far behind the learning curve, is the whole concept of "unsubscribe."

Did you know that at the bottom of almost every junk email there is a little word called "unsubscribe," and that if you click on it, it will take you to a place where you can unsubscribe from that particular company's email list, thus ending the intrusion of junk email from that company in your mailbox? It's as simple as a click.

Now, some of the "unsubscribe" buttons are simply evil trickery, because when you click on them, a new page pops up and says that the page I was looking for no longer exists, but for the most part, I have actually, supposedly gotten rid of a majority of my junk mail. The reason I say supposedly is because it takes 24 to 48 hours for this to take effect. By my calculations, by Saturday morning, I will only have about 5 emails a day to deal with, rather than 547! Wow! What will I do with all my free time?

Spiritual Application:

Aren't you glad God doesn't have an "unsubscribe" button?

Think about it.

Do I really need to expound?

I love you, Lord. Thanks for wading through all my junk and not unsubscribing me...


  1. I LOVE IT! It reminds me a little bit of one of Ann Voskamps' posts where she talked about being relieved when the kids were all tucked into their beds and peace had once again descended on the home only to be hit with the realization that God doesn't feel that way about us. He never slumbers or sleeps and He doesn't feel the need to get away from us or to take a break. I don't know why that correlation to a slice of real life made the message so powerful, but it DID and I can't help but love God more for it :o)

  2. I love that button. I use it alll the time. I've been reminded lately, talking with friends, that God is passionate about us and it's up to us to mirror that passion in our lives.

  3. If I was God I would have unsubscribed to me a long long time ago.

  4. Stick around kid; I'll help you through your computer woes. God’s gifts are amazing! He has given me the ability to understand all this technology stuff.(basically anything with a circuit board in it) You aren't alone in your technology challenges. trust me. :)

  5. By the way, love the new look to your blog - the soft colors are so pretty. You are definitely not challenged when it comes to blog decorating. :) I should give you my password and let you have some fun...(I only figured out the unsubscribe thing a few months ago...)