Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wedding Week

Dear Blogger-world friends,

This week is a big one for my husband and myself. In just a few, short days, we will be placing the life of our precious daughter, Katherine (pictured with her new cousin from Nepal), into the hands of her chosen, Austin. Both know the Lord and love Him because He first loved them. Over the past few years, I have watched this young couple grow in the Lord, and thus grow closer together. I have watched them laugh and tease, argue and forgive, worship and study, and dream and plan. Both finished college in three years, Katherine with a double major in Bible and Journalism, and Austin in Accounting - all for this day that is fast approaching.

So, the only question left would be...are mom and dad ready for this? I don't know if you ever look forward to giving your daughter away, but in our case, we honestly believe we haven't lost a daughter but have gained a son. I can't even call it bittersweet, because there is nothing bitter about the love between these two people. Yes, they are young, but their love for the Lord has matured them and with Austin's family as well as ours as support, I believe that they are ready for this commitment.

Please pray for this new family. It is my desire that in all they do they keep their eyes on Christ, they make Him the center of their home and they love each other with complete abandon. Now I know that sounds romantic, but we all know that true love is sacrificial and so at the heart of my wish for them is a selfless, forgiving, patient, long-suffering, joyful, peaceful, gentle, faithful, kind, God-centered marriage.

Am I asking too much?

Not with Christ...

As for blogging, you're not going to see me this week...I've given you enough to chew on last week, so let me enjoy my last days of running with Katherine and I'll let you know how it went next week.

Blessings to you all - I so appreciate all your prayers and your friendship!

Kristen (official momma-of-the-bride)


  1. yayy :D I'll be sure to pray for them..and you!

  2. Congratulations! Beautiful Bride, and beautiful Momma, too! You are looking awesome! Have a glorious week!