Monday, June 28, 2010

Wedding Joys!

So...if I learned anything about weddings, it's that people love to kiss in Photo Booths!

(Oh, yes, they do!)

It was a great day - I don't have any pictures except for the photo booth pictures and this one from the photographer's blog, so you'll have to be patient! But I will tell you this, Katherine was a true blushing bride - she nearly bounced off the stage with joy! We had some sound issues, but ultimately Austin and Katherine heard everything that Josh said to them and that's what counts. The wedding party was stunning, Chris and Carolyn Moeller sang a beautiful song that sent our spirits soaring, and Tami and Bryant Swart were the force behind the scene that pulled off a wonderful day!

Once I get pictures, I will share, but for now, I just wanted to thank you all for praying for us and ask that when you think of this newly formed union, that you send a prayer up to the Lord for His protection and guidance in their lives.

Okay, so today I am running errands, but I will check in with you tomorrow and leave you with some deep thoughts before I head to Israel...

(yes, I said Israel...)


  1. I have been praying for you and your family all this past week/weekend and rejoice with your family at the great success and celebration that the Wedding was. I just returned from Irael 3 weeks ago and it was an amazing trip! But I am finding it so hard to put it into words. The Bible has truly come alive during my studies now. So I look forward to reading your comments about your thoughts and experiences when you return. I always enjoy your elequence at relating ideas and experiences at a level that so many can relate to. Can't wait!!!

  2. Oh, Gloria! Sam Lindemulder just told me yesterday that you were in Israel! Wow! What a trip! I would love to hear about it. I will explain more tomorrow, but I am going to teach on Friday at a women's conference and then we will do a little touring on Sunday and Monday, then off to Italy on Tuesday...I am looking forward to when I can actually relax, which I think will be Saturday after the conference.

    Good to hear from you...hope you are doing well...

  3. YAYYYYYY!!! Congratulations! I like those Photo Booth pics :D And I'll definitely be praying for your trip to Israel. When do you get back?

  4. Hey, Danish...I get back on July 10th...taking with me my mom, the twinnies, Hannah Weflen and my daughter-in-law, Mary. Kind of a ladies'-night-out, but more like ladies'-ten-days-out...

  5. okeydokey. Hey! That's one day after my birthday! :) chuckle, ladies'-ten-days-out

  6. What a fun idea, a photo booth! Cute pictures Kristen...looking forward to hearing about your Israel trip and the conference.