Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shower Time!

Today was the first of several wedding showers for my precious daughter, Katherine. This shower was given by Katherine's future mother-in-law's best friend, and the guests were friends and family of the Averills. I wanted to share a few pictures with you.

Before the festivities got going, Kevin and Pam (Austin's parents) greeted the women, introducing Katherine to their guests. Kevin said such wonderful things about Katherine - that she was intelligent, beautiful, loves the Lord and is full of grace. I am so thrilled that she has such a nice relationship with the Averills and that they love her so! Then Kevin gave a beautiful prayer and booked out of there - it was time for the women to take over!

We played a few games - very clever ones - and then had lunch together. A beautiful spread!

Then Katherine started opening gifts. She oohed and aahhed - Kevin was right. She was so gracious! And, oh, the gifts she got! So much stuff for her kitchen, bathroom accessories and blankets! The list goes on and on...

Nico worked on the ribbon bouquet and Alex took most of the pictures. Katherine's maid of honor recorded the gifts - all three attendants served her well...

Austin showed up and did his best not to break any ribbons. Truth be told, he was a bit disappointed that Katherine had all the fun of opening gifts, so when he arrived early, I knew what was on his mind...

They were absolutely blessed by the shower today!

Afterwards, we took all the gifts to their apartment and put them away. Austin will move in in a few weeks once school is done. We have teased him that we are going to buy him paper plates and cups, so he can't use anything before Katherine gets there. The look on his face was priceless...but then we let him off the hook.

I want to thank the women who showered my daughter and future son-in-law with such wonderful blessings! And I want to thank the Lord for this young couple who love Him, that He has chosen them and given them salvation. Now I need to start praying for the salvation of my future grandchildren...(as if I haven't already...)


  1. Look how cute she looks in her springy yellow outfit with her matching shoes...darling! Great pic of Nico too..I love her sweet smile. Looks like you had a wonderful day. I remember how fun it was to receive the gifts that were going to help me make a "home". So happy for them!

  2. Great pictures! Alex (and photographer) really captured wonderful expressions. Love the one of Austin working with the bow...

  3. I agree with Mrs. Hall. Alex did a great job with the photos. :)They look so happy :D Not like I'd expect anything else of course. But it's really cool to see. Thanks for sharing pics!!