Sunday, February 21, 2010

True Celebrity

Years ago, Dave and I were on a plane and discovered that Cher was up in the first class section. We couldn't see her from where we were sitting, though we tried, but when we got off, we got a good look at her. Why is it that celebrities, even ones that you don't like, have that kind of effect on you? There we were, leaning in the aisle, standing in our seats, trying to get a look...then stalking her at the baggage area...ridiculous, really. There was just something exciting about seeing her...well, maybe not exciting, but it was interesting.

Likewise, my niece, Lindsey, saw Hulk Hogan on a plane and "accidentally" bumped into him as they were getting off the plane, grabbing his arm, because she wanted to be able to say she touched him! Several people also told me they saw Ed Harris in Grand Haven and Holland this fall, as he was shooting a movie in the area, and shared their stories with a sparkle of excitement in their eyes. And there was another time, when my son Calvin was still in a stroller, that Dave and I were at a driving range and saw Walter Payton. He was larger than life. It was quite a thrill...

In truth, celebrities are not necessarily heroes, though we tend to put them up on a pedestal. Now, I want you to fast forward into eternity. Say you're sitting in an airport, and Moses walks by with his entourage, including Paul and Peter on either side of him. They're in a deep discussion and they just happen to sit in the boarding area across from you. You realize that they are going to be on the same plane. Your heart starts to race. You wonder if you should jump up and offer them the three candy bars you just bought (it's okay, there are no calories in heaven). You start to sweat as Moses turns his head and looks at you. Now there's something to get excited about!

Well, ladies, we are going to start a study on Tuesday about another hero of the Bible - Joseph. And let me tell you, gals, he's one that you are definitely going to put on your "I-want-to-meet-him-in-heaven" list! Unlike the stories that went before him, we don't have to scratch our heads and wonder about this one...he's the real deal! He was responsible, honorable, hard-working, handsome (yes, it tells us that), bright, feared the Lord, lived with an eternal perspective and was immensely blessed by God. He's the poster child for the prosperity gospel, except for the beating, the slavery, the false accusations, the forgotten loneliness and the sibling rivalry. Okay, so maybe God doesn't promise a bed of roses for life here on earth...wait...He actually promises persecution...but God does promise blessing which comes in many forms. Joseph is a great example of perseverance through adversity and the peace that God provides when you are in the middle of His will yet still in a storm.

You won't want to miss this great study! Not only will you grow in your admiration for this godly, role model, but you will also see God's plan continue to unfold, as He reveals to us the incredible details of this young man's life. I've got to tell you, this story is better than any fiction novel out there. It's got twists and turns, and a spectacular conclusion that will resonate in your head during life's most difficult times. We have 5 weeks to go...plan on attending and bring a friend!

One last thought - I've got other stories about Cliff Robertson, Loren Green, Steven Curtis Chapman and a dream about George Bush, but these definitely pale in comparison to my anticipation of seeing Jesus Christ face to face, and meeting the wonderful men and women of the Word who have impacted my life in such a deep way. Just another aspect of setting our minds on the things above...


  1. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!!!! It will be worth it all.

  2. Years ago, when you could still meet people at the gate, I picked my husband up at LAX on a return trip from Nashville. Low and behold...Dolly Pardon walked off the plane! She was escorted by a body guard and airport security. I was absolutely taken aback by her beauty. She had flawless skin and to my surprise...was very short.

    Oh how I wish I could attend your study! Joseph is my very favorite Bible hero. He's the one God has used to get me through some pretty tough stuff in my life.

  3. Oh...and one of my sisters was on a road trip to Arizona. She was in a gas station changing my niece's diaper when Diane Keaton walked in.