Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jesus...Part 1

I want Him. I want to ever be aware of His presence in my life....even that statement rings sour as I type if it is MY life and I am letting Him in. My life is only mine because He has given it to me....
my personality,
my likes,
my belief in Him,
my circumstances, my days, my very breath.....
all formed by and sifted through His hands each moment He has me here.
I want to know He is my life and I am His.

Our scripture memory verses have been rolling around in my head this past week.
My life is hidden in Christ with God. When Christ, who is your life.....I have been thinking on that statement for many days now.

And I am beginning to see Him, and who I am in Him, in new ways. I am working at seeking the things setting my mind on the things above, so that what He is revealing will not simply pass through my mind to settle somewhere among the dusty files of knowledge and belief in my life, but will become my life...the part I live.

Have you had moments in your life where you feel the Spirit growing you? Gently stretching the limits of your brain with new understanding. I start to see the same themes in what I'm reading in scripture, hearing in Bible study, having in conversation, reading in others' writings....and I know He is asking me to think on these things. It's like He's laid out the framework, the outside edge of a puzzle before me; not a big one, but a small one, like my six year old works on. And He's given me an inside piece or two...and as I try to fit them together, He drops me a new piece....through His word, or a conversation with a wise friend, and it fits! And I become so aware of my senses are heightened and I begin to search for more pieces as I long to see the whole picture in front of me. And as I examine each piece, checking with Him to make sure it belongs to the puzzle, I know He is patiently waiting for me to turn it just the right way so I can see how it completes what He wants me to see. And I know, too, that this small puzzle is only part of a much bigger and even more wonderful puzzle of Him and me.

And I know...that when I find the last piece of this small puzzle and turn it just so...and it fits true...and I look up at Him with a smile of triumph and wonder...that He will smile back at me and nod His approval just as I do with Mia, because I am His precious child.


  1. It's all so very exciting to see God working on us and molding us into what He wants us to become.

  2. Made me think of Philippians 2:12,13, Beth, where Paul charges us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling all the while that God is working in us. We are to put forth effort, walk in obedience...So grateful He's clearly laid it out in His Word for us what makes Him smile.