Monday, September 28, 2009


Hi, gals,

Hmmm...another rainy day. Isn't God's power breath-taking? Whenever He gives us a glimpse, as He is doing today, I am taken back by how big He is and how small I am!

By the way, did any of you read the Grand Rapids Press on Saturday? On the front page of the Religion section was an article that should have pricked your did for Alice Driesenga and Donna Medendorf...I received copies of the article at church yesterday and will share it with you at study...really, unbelievable!

Here are a few opportunities for you to be aware of:
  • We are going to collect feminine products for the food pantry, so anything you can bring in within that category on Tuesday mornings would be greatly appreciated
  • There is a painting day at Jamie Priese's house on October 5th at 9:30 a.m. She is painting props and decorations that will be used for the Women's Retreat at the end of the month. I think the actual painting dates are Oct. 5-7, because of drying times and adding details. If you can help, give her a call, or just show up - I'm sure she'll have something for you to do...
  • Do you have Psalm 105:1 memorized for tomorrow? (Come on, gals, it's not that hard!)
  • Be sure to bring your prayer journal to class
See you in the morning!


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