Thursday, May 23, 2013

Big Day in the Wisen Family

"Let your fountain be blessed,
and rejoice in the wife of your youth."
Proverbs 5:18

Tomorrow is a big day for our family.  Our youngest is getting married!  Christopher and Morgan have dated nearly four years now and we are blessed that the Lord has given such a godly, sweet young woman to share our son's life with.  We have prayed for this day and specifically for her for literally decades and now it's here...

It's 7:30 a.m.  As I sit with my coffee and my blog open, I've been up a few hours already because my mind is racing making lists of what I need to get done today.  But I have a few minutes to collect my thoughts,  talk with the Lord and receive wisdom from His word before things get busy.  

David is doing the wedding tomorrow, so he will have one last opportunity before they say, "I do" to remind them of the seriousness of the decision they have made to be married.  But good old mom?  Well, the wedding party is now surrounding my son and any tender moment I was hoping for is most likely gone, so I am going to write my final pre-wedding charge and text the kids the link!  Isn't modern technology the best???  

Chris and Morgan,

What a blessing both of you have been to Dad and I.  We have had a front row seat watching the two of you grow in your love for each other and we are confident that your home is being built on the strong foundation of Jesus Christ. This truth calms all fears and concerns, and brings great joy to our hearts. 

Dad and I were married even younger than you - don't let anyone look down on your youth.  Marriage will be a protection for both of you as you journey through this world.  Hold tightly to each other, cling to the Father and watch what He will do in you and through you.  The verse above talks about rejoicing in the wife of your youth - that whole chapter is most likely a letter from Solomon to one of his sons.  Christopher - go read Proverbs 5 today if you can find the time.  

Tomorrow will be a great celebration of your union before the Lord.  Don't take this vow lightly - God is serious about marriage.  Use the resources He has given you to create a stable and joyful  home - His Spirit to guide you, His Word to instruct you, your families who love you but love the Lord more, the body of Christ to encourage you and worship with you.  Remember that Jesus is with you at all times - He is your strength, your example, your leader and your friend.  A marriage that includes Jesus is a strong cord that cannot be broken.

It is my prayer that the two of you grow closer to each other as you grow closer to the Lord.  Chris - love Morgan sacrificially, lead her patiently and learn everything you can about her on a daily basis!  Morgan, follow Christopher's lead, finish him where he is lacking and be his biggest fan! Even when the other is unlovable, choose to love.  And when life is going smoothly or you hit bumps in the road, hold tightly to each other and to Jesus.  Cultivate a home filled with gratitude, thanksgiving and praise to the Lord for all He has done for you - for He has blessed you richly in your salvation, your heritage and in your relationship already!

Well, you know me - I could go on and on, but I will wrap it up.  I love both of you with all my heart and am so excited to celebrate with you tomorrow!  Dad and I are so proud of both of you, your love for each other and your love for the Lord!  

Let the fun begin!


(Squish, aren't you proud of me for not expositing Song of Solomon for you???)


  1. Praising God along with you on this joyous day. Where has the time went, it just doesn't seem possible that he is getting married. I guess it is because of James being the same age and not even serious about anyone yet. Tell your family how much we love them and appreciate them other the years

  2. Kristen, So beautifully written from your heart of wisdom. May God lead you in all of the tiny details leading up to their union. May you find JOY in the moments of this day and of tomorrow building precious memories to cherish.
    Chris and Morgan are so blessed to call you Mom and David Dad. Now kick off your shoes and have FUN!
    Love YOU all!

  3. Amen! Well said! May The Lord bless them and keep them! Can't wait to see pictures!!!