Saturday, March 24, 2012

Time in the Word Struggle - Part 2

I get it. I know life is busy and that it's hard to set aside time to really study the Word.

Study? Are you kidding, Kristen? I don't even have time to read it, let alone study!

We've discussed motivation and I believe we are all on the same page - time in the Word is beneficial to the believer. It is desired to draw us closer to the Lord, to help us handle life in a godly fashion and as a protection from sin - yes, we agree we want to be in the Word! But finding the time is still a problem.

Sad but true - we don't struggle to find time for our favorite television show or for that game we play on our iPhone. We have plenty of time to surf the net and to put a fresh coat of paint on our nails. But, to really get into the Word takes a lot of time and where are you going to find it?

Before I get into actual methodology, I want to give you a quick way to fill your mind with the Word of God. Memorization!

Yep. Simple, disciplined memorizing. All it takes is a verse a week and you're well on your way. Do you remember Psalm 119:11 - "Your word I have treasured in my heart, that I may not sin against you"? Committing God's word to memory is a sin detractor.

Let me give a practical example of this. There is a lot of mental down time in caring for a home. Folding laundry, making dinner, grocery shopping, dusting, vacuuming - all vital and necessary to run the home properly, but not overly intellectually stimulating. You could turn on the television and listen to the Food Network while you clean, but may I suggest working on your Bible memory? Saying the words in your head or out loud, over and over is also considered meditating. You will find that initially it's pretty easy to whip out your verse and say it. But week two adds a second verse, and so on and so on. By six or seven weeks, you are saying seven verses and it only increases from there. Before you know it, you've got a whole chapter down and you're working on another passage. Suddenly, the time spend doing basic chores becomes time with the Lord - in His Word. You are thinking about it, saying it out loud, applying it to your life - before you know it, you are done with your work and there's a song in your heart because you've spent time with the Savior!

I do suggest learning passages, because adding verses makes the flow a lot easier to memorize. Pick a passage that means something to you - Psalm 139 draws you closer to the Lord because it's all about the intimate relationship He has with you. John 15 tells us all about who the Father is, who Jesus is and what He wants for us as His children. Romans 9 is a theological treatise on the sovereignty of God. The book of James helps you battle temptation and control your tongue. (Notice I am moving past just a chapter and suggesting a whole book!)

You can do this. It's really just baby steps:
  • Pick your passage
  • Put the whole passage on 3x5 cards - one verse on each card
  • Put the first verse in a place where you will see it on a regular basis (mine is on the mirror in my bathroom)
  • Start memorizing - give yourself a week for verse one and then start verse two
No excuses. It doesn't take long to get going. Once you've started, here and there throughout the day, when your mind needs a place to rest, practice your verse. Pray over it. Dwell on it. Apply it. Know it.

Time in the Word doesn't have to be a struggle - memorization will begin the process of you setting your mind on the things above and give you a taste of the riches of the wisdom of the Lord.



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