Saturday, July 2, 2011

This Might Be My All Time Favorite Picture

How cute is that??? Katherine took these four pictures up at our cottage yesterday. I just love this one!

This is Norah with her Mommy - love it!

And this is my precious Ashley - the girls' skin are so white, they have a slight pink tone to them. They are not sitting up yet, but have so much personality!

This is Ashley again - she loves the Johnny Jump-Up. I have another thing she sits in and looks at the toys in front of her - she can't really play with them yet, but she stares at them and is in deep thought when she's in it. She was learning how to make herself spin...

And Grandma and Norah - as you can tell, we're all very happy when the twins are visiting!

Have a great holiday weekend, friends!



  1. AWWWW I love the Pictures... they are growing up so much... I can't wait to see them... ^_^

  2. Time for more baby pics, friend - it's been almost a month!