Monday, October 11, 2010

Travel Reflections

"For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few that find it." Matthew 7:14

This is the verse that kept ringing in my ears on Sunday as I sat in the airport in Denver, waiting for my connecting flight to Grand Rapids. Hundreds upon hundreds of people around me - waiting to board, getting off planes, standing in lines for coffee, pushing strollers, standing where the seats were no longer available.

I imagined myself stepping into the walkway between the gates and raising my hands and saying in a loud voice, "Excuse me, excuse me...does anyone in here love Jesus?" The reason I imagined it is that many times when I do impulsive things, I picture it in my mind first before I decide to do it. I really thought about it, but then the image of people panicking while I was trying to quiet the room, as if I would have been something to be afraid of, and then the image of me being tackled by security and air marshals kept me from enacting my public poll.

But, I do know what the Word says. It says that few find the road to life.


In an airport that packed and busy, there would be few believers present.

How about here in Western Michigan? Are we the virtual Promised Land? Are there more than few who know the Lord?

Well, we act like everyone knows Him - that's why we're not more evangelistic. And most certainly, everyone goes to church, so they must be on the narrow way, right?

As we prepare to launch the church in Spring Lake (29 days and counting!), this verse gives me motivation. People need the Lord. Our message is not going out in vain to a well-church, already saved community. I am not going to be fooled by the number church-goers, nor will I be discouraged by those who don't think Western Michigan needs another church. I know that the fields are vast and the mission is needed.

I'm excited to walk this narrow road and squeeze through this tiny gate with those whom God has ordained would walk with me. But after my reminder of how large the world really is this past weekend, I am also sobered to the calling.

So, I have a question for my readers. Why is the way so narrow and the gate so small? What do you think that means?

Thanks for your input...


  1. The gate is narrow because the Bible is narrow. Figuratively speaking it's narrow. Literally it is a thick book. Anyway, God has set what we as Christians are to live by. What we are to live by is very narrow. They are very understandable things to live by. The 10 Commandments is one for example. In essence, Christianity is very easy to follow. The hard part is the living it out in our sinful nature. If I am wrong on something, or don't make sence, please let me know.

  2. Jesus also mentions another gate. The wide gate. Jesus is the only way to the Father. We must come on His terms. This is the narrow gate. Most will try to enter the kingdom bringing more than faith in Him alone or something other than faith in Him alone. Those are the ones passing through the wide gate, they are bringing along extra baggage - good works, their terms. That path only leads to destruction.

  3. Anyone can say they are a "Christian" but, to have a true intimate relationship with the living Jesus and believing by faith that His blood covers our sins is the only road into Heaven is another thing. Not all can really truly say they believe that.
    It seems to easy. Some actually believe they are saved because they are American..

  4. I also thought of Matt. 22:14..."Many are called but few are chosen..." And John 6:44...Those whom the Father draws are the ones who find life...