Sunday, May 9, 2010

Congratulations, Katherine!

Saturday was my daughter's graduation. This video is a little surprise that was sprung on all of us...actually, we got a head's up that something was coming, so we taped it just in case! Not only did Katherine graduate Suma Cum Laude with a 3.98 GPA, but she did it all in three years! On Tuesday, after her last final, I reminded Katherine that the 18 credit hours she accomplished last summer was for that precise moment. She has worked hard and sacrificed much to earn her degree and this honor.

Katherine, Dad and I are so proud of you! You are a wonderful, brilliant, godly, driven young woman. As you begin your career at International Aid and your role as wife at the end of June, we are so excited to watch God mold and shape you into the image of His Son. These past three years have flown by for us, and now you begin a new chapter. Blessings to you and keep up the good work! Love you, Mom and Dad

Okay, enough gushing...enjoy the video...(if you can't gush on your own blog, where can you?)


  1. How wonderful! Congratulations Katherine and proud parents!

    Kathy and Tim

  2. CONGRATS!!!! wow super impressed! She's a smart one

  3. What a super reflection on Gods perfection in a youn life!!!

  4. Nothing makes a mother's heart sing with joy like the accomplishments of our children! You are so blessed by God Katherine! He deights in you! (And you too Kristen!) Enjoy His great pleasure today.