Thursday, March 11, 2010

10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now

My son, Calvin, is a youth pastor in Orlando, Florida. He sent me this article today and when I read it, I was like, "Wow! What a find!"

This was published online and the one that obviously caught my eye was number 3. Click here to access the article, then click on number 3.

I would love to hear your responses to this...

Oh, and here was a response to the article that Calvin also sent me - click here

Equally as interesting...


  1. How interesting that a secular publication would include that a resurgence in the doctrine of the sovereignty of God in the Evangelical world is one of the things that is changing the world right now - how cool is that. And it does make sense to me that energy and passion are tied to those with a large view of God. Any time I listen to or read Piper, or any writer, teacher, or preacher that holds to the sovereignty of God, my heart is enflamed for Him. Man-centered theology is weak theology. I wonder if the writer is a Christian? He seems to be familiar with the arrogance some non-Calvinists attribute to Calvinists. Your thoughts on the last paragraph? I agree with you, great find!

  2. Wow! These were great reads! I've been reading Jerry Bridges, Trusting God, and even just a few minutes ago was discussing the issue of God's sovereignty with Rachel (daughter at Cedarville) over the phone. Turns out she and a friend had also just finished a conversation about God's sovereignty, and had been praying about it. It seems to be pretty real in our neck of the woods, but, I wouldn't have guessed it rated a #3 on things changing the world. God is bigger than even we imagine, isn't he?

  3. "...austerely demanding God..." Not sure where that even came from, but I fear the author has no idea how demanding He really is...