Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekend Wish

Is there anything that brings more joy to a child than a snow day? Well, guess what, ladies - today you are going to have a house full of happy children!

I woke up at about 5:45 this morning and stumbled downstairs to my computer. On my way, I looked out the window and could no longer see the driveway, and the dark, night sky was strangely light. I knew immediately what was was still snowing and that meant there was a good chance school would be cancelled. And of course, it was...

My children all have about the same response when I tell them to stay in bed. Christopher was in a deep sleep and as I quietly said his name to wake him, he mumbled a response. "Snow day - stay in bed." His voice strengthened. "Really?" "Yep," I answered. As I closed his door I heard him call out, "Good call!" I'm not sure if he was talking to me or the Lord, but I headed back up to the girls' rooms to let them know.

Alex sat up in bed when I walked in and when I told her she said, "Sweet!" and dropped back down onto her pillow. Nicole was the only casualty of the morning. She was already up and getting ready to shower, but promptly turned around and hopped back in bed, and nearly two hours later she is not up yet. So starts the Wisen's snow day...

My weekend wish is another simple one for you today. If you have children, I'm wishing you a wonderful snow day. Make a big breakfast, bundle the little ones up and let them make snow angels and snowmen. Have a big saucepan of REAL hot chocolate waiting for them when they come back in. Make cookies with them and find a Christmas movie to watch in the afternoon with a big bowl of popcorn on your lap. Nap with them by the fireplace or play a board game to pass the time. But enjoy your children today!

If you don't have children, I still want you to have a wonderful snow day! Get your weekend prep done quickly, then light a fire in the fireplace, grab that book you've been meaning to read and a cozy blanket and have at it! Don't forget to spend some time with the Lord - may I suggest reading through Job 38 and 39? This is God's reply to Job, describing His power and control over creation - in it He mentions His storehouses of snow and on a day like today, it doesn't hurt to be reminded where all this beautiful white stuff came from! I love these chapters because they are so descriptive of creation and the Creator, that I can't help but sit in awe of who He is and who I am not!

So, have a great snow day, gals, and a wonderful weekend. We've held off on the snow until December, which is a rare occurrence in Michigan, so ladies, we might as well embrace the change...there's no fighting it!


  1. Even as a homeschool mom (or maybe moreso) I look forward to snowdays! I haven't even stepped foot in the kids' rooms yet, and have cinnamon rolls baking in the oven! Already had an extra measure of time to spend in the Word, and look forward to getting into a counseling book that's been on my list for a while. And - oh yeah, cookie baking sounds like my most domestic chore of the day (too bad I can't partake, but I'll dip into some sugar free chocolates to make up for it!).

    Praise God for the beauty of winter! I'll bet the scene out your front window is awesome!


  2. Bless your heart, Laurie - you were completely prepared for this day! Or do you always wake your children to hot cinnamon rolls? It is gorgeous outside - the lake is steel blue with rolling whitecaps, and the stormy sky only enhances the picture! I am not sure who is more excited about the snow, however - my children or my dogs! The dogs want in and out, in and out, rolling in snow and then warming up, rolling then's going to be a long day!

  3. I am blessed, but it's my own excitement over the snow that got the cinnamon rolls going! Would you believe Timothy just walked out of his room saying (and I quote), "Today is a Cinnamon Roll Morning!" Then he walked into the kitchen with a huge grin and said, "Wow! I had no idea. Since it's my lucky day, it feels like a snow day, too." (It's fun being principal and mom on days like today!)

    As for the view! I can picture it! I love Lake Michigan on days like today even more than in the middle of a hot summer! It is an awesome display of God's majesty and creativity! I can only wish that in eternity I will be your neighbor :)

    And your dogs! Hilarious....that's exactly how I picture my kids and out, in and out, rolling in the snow and then warming up (wood stove at the walk out entry), and this afternoon we'll be out at a friend's horsefarm, riding behind on sleds! We'll be wet and tired when all is said and done! Beautiful way to start the winter!

    Have a great snuggly day!

  4. My girls are out in the snow as I type, but sadly, no snow day for my boys...only 4-5 inches or so here on the north side of Holland. They could have used it. The homework load this past week has been brutal as all their classes wrap up in preparation for final exams..several projects and papers. They are both dead tired, up til after midnight more than one night this week. Good thing it's Friday! What an extra special birthday gift for your girls Kristen! Mia just came in asking for a carrot and eyes?? red buttons? ...I told her to find some rocks!
    I'm thinking about baking homemade bread this afternoon. Think I can bake and not eat??
    Wish I could have a warm cup of tea with you gals!

  5. That smile on the boy's face in the picture says it all about snow days and children. Is it the twins birthday? Wish them a happy one for me! (How's that knee working for you in this cold weather?...still smiling...)

  6. Yes, it is the twins' 18th birthday on Sunday! members of society...hmmm......

    The knee lets me know when a big storm is coming, but other than that it is fine! Thanks for asking...

    It's still coming down out there, but not very heavily. We've got a couple of inches here by the lake, but I ran into a gal from church who said inland about a mile they had 6 or 7 inches!

  7. Last night, after chores my son and I had a genuine snowball fight! Great packing snow, no wind and the moon seemed to pocket in and out of the clouds. We sat by our fire pit before going in for hot chocolate and just gazed up at the beautiful night sky. I reminded him of the signs of the second coming. To talk about it and be outside trying to envision it was awsome. In case you're wondering, my daughter went in and filtered the milk, she stuck her nose into a book that has been molded in her hand every spare second she has and was laying by the fire when we came in. It was a fun night and I give thanks to the Lord for the opportunities I have to share his word with my children.

  8. Cornerstone didn't have a snow day, although I kind of made one for myself. :)

    I have to admit - the first thing I thought of when I saw the snow was, "Mom says I need to embrace snow because it should be viewed as a picture of how Christ's blood washes the stains of our sin." Can't really get upset about the snowy roads when you have that voice in your head!

  9. As the tears flow from my grateful, mother's eyes, I can't help but smile and know that now I can die happy...

  10. Just like Katherine I didn't get a snow day. But I got to play outside today!! See you tomorrow.

  11. smllvoice, I think it is great that you are talking to your children about the signs of the Lord's return. I am doing that with my granddaughter. The meaning of Mt. 24 is very clear to her...

    Kristen...made me laugh, again...

  12. Dane - your principal is a slave driver! Maybe your parents should talk to him about snow days...oh yeah, Holland didn't get the snow day either. So it wasn't just a grumpy principal...huh?